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Inwizards is a Top Microsoft Blazor Development Company that provides top-notched Blazor Development Services to various clients all around the world to help their businesses as per their requirements. Hire blazor developers from Inwizards LLC and get the best output for your business. Our experienced and dedicated developers served the best results for this technology.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the best Microsoft Blazor Web Development Company and get a proper solution for your business.

Blazor is a free and open-source web framework, which was developed by Microsoft, and it enables developers to create web apps using C# and HTML. Inwizards is one of the earliest adopters of this technology and provides service with great perfection while many others are still trying to learn it.

Inwizards adopted Blazor several months ago when its first experimental release came out. We have done multiple projects internally to review its potential, and it is indeed giving us some promising results. Now, with Microsoft’s official announcement with its release, we are looking forward to building future projects on this new framework.

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  • Restful API – Web Services using SOAP Toolkit, .NET Framework and XML

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Active community

ABP Suite is a complementary tool to the ABP Commercial.

Blazor has an active community that is answering questions, producing samples, writing tutorials, authoring books, and more. Awesome Blazor provides a great community-maintained list of Blazor resources.

Active community


Do you need additional or custom services? We and our partners can provide; Custom Project Development



Routing is a pattern matching process and Blazor provides a client-side router.



Blazor layout is just another Blazor component which is also defined in a C# code, it can contain everything just like Blazor component


Forms and validation

Forms and validation are supported in Blazor using the data annotations.


Dependency injection

Dipendancy injection is a technique for accessing services configured in a central location. and Blazor supports dependency injection


JavaScript interop

Blazor app can invoke JavaScript functions from .NET methods from JavaScript code.


Server-side rendering

Blazor is a client-side framework. But The latest version 0.5.0 of Blazor gives us the flexibility to run it in a separate process from the rendering process.

Microsoft .NET technologies are a right fit for your product.

Microsoft .NET Technologies

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Inwizards has some of the industry’s best .Net developers based in India who are experienced, skilled and certified professionals. Along with their .Net programming skills they also bring in their knowledge of various business verticals and strong consulting skills to help you take advantage of the best Dot Dot Net app development company services. Our .Net developers have worked on all sorts of windows as well as web based application development and are fully equipped with the required skill-sets and infrastructure. Inwizards offers flexible engagement models and could collaborate with a customized model focusing on your specific business requirements.

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