Blazor Development

What’s Special About Microsoft Blazor

Developed by Microsoft, Dot Net Blazor is a new-gen client side framework offering the ability to develop rich user interfaces. On top of that, one can use HTML, C# and CSS without having the need of Javascript so it’s a cherry on the top for non-Javascript programmers.

Javascript now has a new competition in the form of Microsoft Blazor offering effective programming models with great productivity. Being in the same league, Blazor evolves as a winner in comparison to Javascript single page application framework. You never know, it might be a Javascript framework one day.

At Inwizards Software Technology, Microsoft Blazor developers have been polishing their skills and keep themselves upgraded with the latest versions and new development. We begin conceptualizing our approach to provide you the method that we become the most reliable technological service provider as soon as we receive your invitation. We have a team of skilled programmers and developers with decades of work experience in the development of Blazor applications.

Inwizards Blazor Development Services to Guard Your Business

Perfect technology with affordability is what you are searching for? Then, you have arrived at the right place. Inwizards recognizes varying Blazor technological needs and provides them with tailored solutions. Our professionals offer various Blazor development services.

Development of Application

With our seamless and easy technological solutions, Inwizards Software Technology assure you secured a place in the competitive market. Scalable applications to improve client ROI is our forte and we do it best with our Blazor development services.

Development of Product

We begin with a clear understanding of the client’s needs and strategize to develop separation of concerns (SoC) to build scalable and swift web applications.

Service for Migration

For existing JavaScript websites and applications, we provide smooth and easy Blazor migration services, equipping them with a variety of premium features and remarkable powers of the Microsoft Blazor framework that can improve business and end user experience.

Business Solutions

No more barrier in your success, as Inwizards deliver finest Microsoft Blazor solutions to reach your goal with scalability and efficiency.

Blazor Implementation

Out of the box innovation of our Blazor developers enables us to implement Blazor framework amongst the existing Business infrastructure or new found startups to carry your business operations without any hassle.

Tailored Blazor Developments

Different requirements, different solutions! Inwizards believe that your business needs are unique and we ensure to offer customized Blazor development solutions so that there’s no hindrance to take your business to new heights.

Revealing Amazing Features of Blazor

We tackle corporate difficulties through technology and efficiency, making Inwizards an ideal Blazor development company. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for Microsoft Blazor framework for web app development.

Extensive Routing

Routing allows matching pattern processes ensuring requests routed to the relevant code. And Blazor enables the router to handle the routing process.

Binding Data

Being a SPA (Single Page Application) framework, Microsoft Blazor provides data binding capabilities via HTML binding attribute.


Blazor is backed by Microsoft which offers testing support for Blazor applications through Visual Studio, and IDE.


Blazor through the use of data annotation supports validating form input via built-in DataAnnotationsValidator. This simplifies the form validation procedure.

Rich Web UI’s

Blazor uses HTML, C#, CSS to provide rich user interfaces and they are flexible components that performs multiple roles.

Rendering on the Server

Since Microsoft Blazor is a client-side framework, Blazor’s latest version 0.5 provides the versatility to run it on different process.

Embrace the Microsoft Blazor to Enhance Your Web Applications

You will find pool of Blazor developers but not everyone is the best in their job. Finest quality is shown in words whereas we provide finest quality in our top notch projects. Rely on Inwizards Software Technology for your Blazor development services as we provide top-tier Blazor solutions. Inwizards is a leading Microsoft Blazor development company in India and USA with a proven track record of building scalable applications to take your business to another level!

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