Battery Management System

Cloud-based Battery Monitoring System

Cloud-based Battery Monitoring System

Level up in your industry with a robust cloud-based battery monitoring system and beat the market behemoths like a PRO!

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Monitor the Performance of Multiple Batteries in a Single Click and Increase Battery Life by 3X

Technology has been revolutionizing almost every industry by introducing advanced and smart solutions. E-mobility is an excellent example of this revolution. Batteries are an important component for various industries comprising the Electric Vehicle Industry, Drone, Telecom Industry, IT Industry, Cold Storage Industry, Automobile Industry and many more. However, with every great evolution there comes a few challenges. And batteries need to be overlooked properly to ensure it provides more revenues instead of losses. So are you also facing such problems with your batteries?

  • Battery Sequencing
  • Battery Overheating issue
  • Battery Charging and Discharging
  • Battery Balancing
  • Battery overheating during Overload Condition
  • Battery Short Circuit
  • Unable to Monitor Battery
  • Unable to Identify Unique Battery
  • Unable to Manage Battery Inventory

It’s time to fix battery problems with the Smart Cloud-based Battery Monitoring System. An advanced BMS not only solves users’ battery concerns but also offers a scope of growth to the various industries by improving customer satisfaction and overall experience. Inwizards Software Technology being an experienced and established software development company offers the most advanced battery monitoring system backed by a modern tech stack.

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What is a Battery Monitoring System?

A Battery Monitoring System is an advanced cloud-based software system designed for the smart monitoring and management of batteries. The main aim of BMS is to track real-time data of the battery activity and performance, and make swift automated adjustments to boost battery life by 3X.

Highlights of Battery Monitoring System

Inwizards Battery Monitoring System offers excellent business benefits that make it the favorite choice amongst our clients.

  • Individual battery identification with unique ID number
  • Complete battery monitoring for the battery pack
  • Real-time analytics and Battery status over cloud
  • Identifying and isolating damaged cells in your battery pack
  • Fully automated passive cell balancing
  • Integrated over-voltage and under-voltage battery protection
  • Inbuilt short-circuit protection
  • High temperature Cut off to avoid fire hazards
  • Multiple alarming notification for various battery parameter on digital devices
  • Integrated load management with overload protection
  • Cloud based ERP for seamless battery Inventory management
  • Secure cloud access to monitor and manage battery over the internet
  • Real-Time GPS location of battery and remote discharging control of the battery

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Highlights of Battery Monitoring System

Battery Monitoring System Fruitful for Primary Industries

The more you’ll get to know about battery monitoring system, the more you will get hooked with the features it has to offer to various industries. So boost your revenues with this sophisticated technology and become a market leader!

Automobile Industries: 2 wheeler ,3 wheeler, 4 wheeler E-vehicle battery monitoring solutions.

Solar Industries: Battery Monitoring, Balancing, and Protection

Power Electronic Industry: Power back-up and power storage solutions

Drones: Lightweight battery management solutions

Entertainment industry: Entertainment devices, robotics

Telecom Industry: Backup power supplies

Industry 4.0: Battery power sensors and wireless IoT devices

Battery Monitoring System Fruitful for Primary Industries

Opt for Inwizards Smart Battery Monitoring System for Excellent Benefits

Recognizing the challenges in the automobile industry, Inwizards aims to develop and deliver smart battery management solutions to businesses of all sizes and offer them growth opportunities. By integrating our battery monitoring system, you can seamlessly track battery performance and accordingly prevent it from overheating or discharging. With our feature-pact BMS, we are now recognized as one of the best battery monitoring system companies.

Inwizards Software Technology has built a team of experienced professionals with expertise in various technologies, like the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and more, who have significant contributions in battery monitoring system. Thanks to our dedicated team for enabling us to deliver industry-leading smart battery management solutions to our clients and becoming a part of the success of our clients.

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Inwizards Smart Battery Monitoring System