World-Class Healthcare Application Development

World-Class Healthcare Application Development

Experience the hi-tech innovations that will change the face of healthcare industry with the proven healthcare software development company- Inwizards Software Technology

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Reap the Benefits with Our Finest Healthcare Application Development Services

You name it and we got it! We provide integrated healthcare solutions for patients, medical professionals and healthcare providers.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Custom Healthcare Software Development

We create mobile and wearable versions of healthcare software that aids in bringing health facilities to the user's in their fingertips. It can be done by leveraging our healthcare software development services.

Third-party System Integration

Third-party System Integration

Keeping a track record of healthcare data is a task in itself. Our sophisticated healthcare applications can connect with ERP’s, HRM, healthcare database, fitness apps and much more.

Data Storage Security

Data Storage Security

Being a trusted healthcare software development company, we leverage the modern technologies to cater to the modern day needs. AWS and Azure is our forte and we ace it like a PRO! Moreover, our mobile app developers are highly proficient and adhere with the HIPPA, GDPR and HL7 compliances to serve you the best healthcare software.

Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare

Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare

According to a survey, the market size of big data and analytics in healthcare is projected to reach $67.82 billion by 2025! We are an expert big data analytics service provider that brings about life saving patient outcomes in healthcare with early diagnostic prediction.

Witness the Futuristic Customized Healthcare Software Development

Experience the revolution in healthcare with Inwizards Software Technology as we are going to step in the futuristic healthcare development! Our forte is to provide full-fledged custom healthcare software development support to the healthcare field by integrating modern technologies with successful outcomes.

Telehealth Applications

Telehealth is a broad term that encompasses all of the aspects wherein patients and physicians can communicate using technology while not physically present in the same room. Calls, video chats, emails, and text messages are all included. Inwizards Software Technology is a reliable telehealth software development company specializing in improving the healthcare industry.

  • 24 Hours Care Support
  • Native Experiences
  • Amazing UI/UX Design
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Multiway Video Solution
  • Video Consultation
  • Online Scheduling
  • Secure Messaging
  • Patient Engagement

Streamline your workflow, reduce costs and strengthen patient loyalty with comprehensive healthcare management software from Inwizards Software Technology.

Telehealth Applications

EHR/ EMR System

Recording patient health information is now made easy with EHR and EMR software development. Our EHR software (Electronic Health Record) and EMR software (Electronic Medical Record) technologies work in sync with each other, including billing and recording patient data.

  • Epic Integrations
  • Social Media Login
  • Cerner Integrations
  • FHIR
  • HL7
  • Redox Engine
  • First Databank Integrations
EHR/ EMR System

Practice Management Solutions

All problems, one solution- Practice Management Software. It’s time to ease your hospital operations with healthcare practice management software. Now easily schedule appointments, track appointment times, manage billing cycles and organize patient data.

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Record Billings
  • Keep Track of Patient Records
  • Secure Data
  • Compliance with Data Forms
Practice Management Solutions

Health and Fitness Monitoring

We create mobile and wearable versions of healthcare software that help bring health to the user's fingertips by leveraging healthcare software development services. So no more compromise on health and fitness with the availability of the finest technologies.

  • Smart Sensors
  • Immersive Training
  • Integration of Wearable Devices
  • Customization of Exercises
  • Sharable Health Data
Health and Fitness Monitoring

Hospital Management System

We are on the mission to provide a best-in hospital management system to assist caregivers. Our healthcare providers are determined to ease the healthcare industry and we have been constantly acing it by incorporating the latest AI-technologies. This will save and improve the lives of the patients.

  • Increased Data Security
  • Streamline Accurate Reporting
  • Ease to Access System Facilities
  • Improve Visibility and Transparency
  • Increased Data Security
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Hospital Management System

You are in Good Hands with Our Compliance-Friendly Platform Development

Care is the essence of the healthcare industry and our mobile app developers know its importance. Therefore,we built healthcare development applications with the standard compliant solutions. And this makes us the top custom healthcare software development company.

Leverage the Finest Healthcare Solutions

We offer impeccable healthcare solutions that provide a supreme experience to the users.

Recognition of Speech

  • Speech-to-text
  • Voice Control
  • Voice Biometrics

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence
  • Image Recognition
  • Language Processing in Nature

Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Streaming Video
  • Image Recognition in Healthcare
  • Imaging in 3D


  • Progress Bars
  • Achievements and Recognition
  • Alerts and Reminders


  • Authentication with Two Factors
  • Encryption/decryption of data
  • Aggregation of Logs

Other Features

  • E-Prescribing
  • Online and offline accessibility
  • Calculating the Case Price
  • Financial Statements

Strengthening Healthcare Industry with the Robust Technology Stack

We use the current technologies to build secure and functional mhealth solutions which cater to the needs of modern day problems.



Our experience includes the creation of custom blockchain-based EHR solutions as well as the creation of smart contracts for aligning the sharing of patient health records between private blockchains. The immutability and traceability of data make blockchain a sound long-term investment in the healthcare industry.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence-enabled tools can sift through large and complex data sets generated by digital records, notes, images, sensors, and devices to spot patterns that could improve patient care and assist researchers in developing best treatment for medical conditions.



Remote monitoring has been enabled with the advent of the Internet of Things in the healthcare sector. It is integrated with the prospect of keeping patients safe and healthy, and entrusting healthcare professionals to provide good medical care. It has also developed patient engagement solutions by making communication with specialists easier and more effective.

Seize the Best-in Class Healthcare Software Development at Inwizards

Our aim is to streamline the workflow of the healthcare industry with the finest custom healthcare software to suit your needs.

Proven Expertise in mHealth

We create cutting-edge mobile healthcare solutions that enable users to track clinical information, schedule appointments, find healthcare professionals, and manage prescriptions. Numbers speak and having an experience of more than 10 years in healthcare IT speaks volume about our work. Our dedicated software development team has extensive experience to ensure favorable results and faster medical condition analysis.

Proven Expertise in mHealth

Flexible Interaction Model

We provide flexible models of engagement that are tailored to our clients' specific requirements, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their health and fitness solutions.

Flexible Interaction Model

Transparent Workflow

Our development procedure is completely transparent, allowing our clients to see each stage and provide input along the way. Throughout the project, we employ agile methodology to assure that changes are made fast and effectively.

Transparent Workflow

Modern Solutions

Modern problems require modern solutions. And we strive to provide the same through innovative healthcare solutions that improve healthcare services. Our team of mobile app developers are accustomed with

Unlock the Doors of Success with Inwizards
Modern Solutions


In simple words, healthcare software development offers medical service through mobile and web apps. The users can be patients as well as healthcare professionals. And our custom healthcare software development is just apt to bring the revolution in the healthcare industry. With our robust healthcare software one can track the medical history of patients, record patient data, remote patient monitoring, provide online consultation and much more.
Our healthcare solutions act as a boon by offering error-free prescriptions, virtual diagnosis, streamline hospital management, quick identification of diseases and much more.
We develop mobile applications for both healthcare professionals and their patients. Our expert team are proficient in developing native Android and iOS apps, as well as cross-platform apps.
Healthcare in 2022 is witnessing a revolution with the upcoming IoT and Artificial Intelligence. We abide by EHR (Electronic Health Record) software, telemedicine and electronic devices, and much more. Patient care and efficiency of the clinical aspects will improve with the robust technologies we integrate.
Well, with the abundance of options in the market, it becomes a hard choice to select one right company that will cater to your healthcare industry needs. Our experience of more than 12 years in the healthcare IT industry and completion of 200+ successful projects speaks volumes about our pride.
Moreover, we impart you with various other reasons that certifies us as the best in the field.
  • Have a long history of success serving medical teams which include orthopedists, home health care services, durable medical equipment suppliers and much more.
  • Standard and customizable options
  • Price point is low.
  • Strict security
  • CMS-approved, compliance-driven