Health Pro

Get the instant medical and treatment services from the best therapist at the best hospital near you.


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Appointment booking

Being a doctor you can any time book and schedule an appointment for your patient. A patient will get notified whenever a doctor books a treatment slot for them.

Patient’s History

Before to start the treatment of any particular patient, a therapist can check and observe the entire health history of their patient via the history panel of health pro.

Patient’s Recovery

Likewise the health history observation of a patient, a therapist can also keep an eye on the current health status of a patient along with the entire health recovery.

Active/Inactive Stats

A therapist can get notification about every active and inactive appointment schedule. Besides this, a doctor will be informed if a patient has canceled the appointment.


A therapist can be paid for the treatment of their patients, the earned amount will be stored in the in-built wallet of the app and be easily transfer into the bank account.

Live Chat

To get connected with the patients and to be aware of the actual health condition of a particular patient, a therapist is enabled to make a chat with the patient anytime.

Check and Save PinPoint

A therapist can anytime check and save the pin (paining) point of their patients. In this way, they can easily get and grab the entire historic health status of the patient.

Add Patients Score

After checking up the patient completely, a therapist is now enabled to update the entire health score of the patient including their face, voice, behavior, body, activity, etc.

List The Medicine

A therapist can list down all the required medicines for the particular patient along with the type of medicine, dosage timing, doctor name, medicine name, medicine power, etc.

The Therapist Corner

Doctor Hospital searching

At the time of needing the best treatment at the nearest location, a patient can bother-lessly search the best doctor or a hospital within a fixed range of their nearby location.

Availability of nearby Doctor/Hospital

With the use of this health pro application, an individual can easily track the availability of the list of therapist serving at the nearby hospital or healthcare organization.

Treatment Required

By browsing the list of treatment categories like dental, physical therapy, surgery, etc., a patient can get the perfect treatment for their diseases and health care issues.

Appointment Scheduling

A patient is able to schedule an appointment slot for their required treatment with their preferred therapist mentioning the check up date, day and time.

Doctor Hospital Review

Before to go to and appoint any particular therapist or hospital from the health pro app, a patient can anytime check the previous feedbacks and reviews about them.

Chat Consultation

Whenever a patient is not able to reach to the doctor for the treatment, or if they want to discuss anything urgent with the doctor, they can go for a live consultation.

Check PinPoint

Once the therapist will update and add the health score of a patient here, then the particular patient can also view it and get the real-time details of his/her health.

Add Patients Score

A patient is being always curious to know the actual score of their health recovery, thus this screen will provide them the recovery of their pain for every single body part.

List The Medicine

As per the current health condition of a patient, whatever the medicine or treatment is prescribed by the doctor is additionally view and accessed by the patient as well.