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What is Sencha Touch?

Sencha touch is a breakthrough in cross-platform mobile web application framework with multiple UI components and themes. This MVC-based JavaScript framework facilitates developing HTML5 based mobile applications easily and effortlessly for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows devices.

High-performance web apps with reduced development time and beautiful user interface components are a few of the extrusive offerings of Sencha Touch app development. Native look themes available for a wide range of mobile platforms make Sencha Touch a popular framework in the development community.

Sencha Touch Development Company- Inwizards

Given that Sencha Touch is the most popular mobile web app framework present out there, thus Inwizards makes use of this burgeoning technology to offer out of the ordinary mobile apps with a native feel and look.

Our Sencha Touch Web Services are all-inclusive, and we take care of all technicalities and needs as far as your mobile app is concerned. The team of our mobile app developers is skilled, and they leave no stone unturned in order to render attractive web applications for multiple devices.

Our skilled and experienced Sencha developers make the most of all features of Sencha Touch by holding expertise in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3. Starting right from coding to testing and ensuring the app's quality and security, our developers closely take care of all the facades.

Moreover, we have delivered bespoke services to our global client base by designing apps to perfectly match the branding purpose of a wide range of their businesses.

Highly Responsive

Whether your business and your targeted audience may be, at Inwizards, you would get a perfect solution to address all your required Android Development services. Every time when we come forward with an innovative application idea, we strive to make it the utmost scalable, functional, and user-friendly so that it can add value to the client's business.

Our app developers' team is well-versed in all the technical aspects as Media APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Android SDK, Location-based service APIs, security architecture, 3D graphics, and Open GL.


Applications built using Sencha Touch are highly scalable and sensationally flexible. Our apps provide comprehensive touch gestures and events such as swipe, scroll, tap, and pinch, making them more accessible and user-friendly.

Our developers can take the features a step further, being well versed with Sencha Touch's rich touch widgets. Great scrolling and animations for almost all devices and native-looking performance-driven UI widgets. No matter what, we always make sure to render the best apps incorporating many features.

Cross Platform Compatible

We understand that user experience is the key to success for any app; consequently, we strive to make it consistent, smoother, and better on almost all platforms.

Moreover, our apps guarantee a high return on investments, as high productivity, decreased costs, and enhanced quality is sure upshots of Sencha Touch.

Hire Sencha Developers at Inwizards

It's possible that you might be struggling hard to add value to your business by leveraging the android application's power but falling short. Coming to us would ensure the success of your application as we step ahead with our approach only by taking the customer habits in mind.

This helps us set milestones and develop apps designed to render performance and user experience. Trust our proven expertise and hire Sencha Developers from Inwizards to extend your business reach and see the idea coming alive!

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