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At Inwizards, we love to build an adorable application along with the finest user interface by working on the latest technology and application build up platform React. React.js is a well-known application development platform which is maintained by Facebook, is also referred as React.js. It is a free open-source web application development platform which is completely based on the components of the JavaScript library. Being a top rated, fastest growing web and app development service provider since one and half decade, we are a bunch of skilled and professional developers. We are committed to deliver a flexible, realistic and affordable solution for React.js to the clients across the globe.

   Why do you need to hire a React Development Company Inwizards?

If you are planning to have an application and are looking to develop it as a classy looking and bug-free applications which entice a lot more users. Then an application development stage like React.js is the most wonderful choice. To create an app in this platform is not a self-doing task, as it requires a in-depth knowledge and understanding about JavaScript. This is why you need to hire a team of qualified react.js developer form a well popular and reputed firm. Inwizards is a React.js Development Company, who hire web programmers and developers with broad working experience in the niche technology and have skills to resolve each bug that is occurring during and after the development of an application. Our team members have core expertise in JavaScript programming and its several frameworks to build a lavish, responsive, high performance and search engine friendly application for every business purpose and domain.

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   Difference Between React Native and React.js

These days the react technology is successfully garbing the attention of utmost developers of across, the world and the business owners who are seeking build a well-featured application under the react environment for the betterment and empowerment of their business. Most of the times they may get confused with the presence of two technologies with similar names as React.js and React Native. Well, both the technologies are working on the same path but in a slightly different manner. As React Native is basically used to build to a cross-platform mobile application for Android, while it's fewer components are customized the frameworks to develop desktop applications/websites for Mac and Windows PC. While React.js is a JavaScript library which is used for the development of a website. If you reach us to hire React developers from our company, we offer our valuable web and app development services under the react technology in the following terms:

  •   React.js Website Development
  •   Custom Web Development
  •   Native App Development
  •   Plugin Development
  •   E-commerce Web App Development
  •   React.js web app support and maintenance.

   Assets of React.js in application development:

  •   It requires a shortcode.
  •   It allows the reuse of code.
  •   It requires less time for testing.
  •   It is easy to learn and use.
  •   Its applications goes beyond normal HTTP apps.
  •   It has a broad library of developer tools.
  •   It is search engine friendly.
  •   Cross-platform compatibility.