Smart Parking App

Use a Parking Management System Application and Park your Vehicle Smartly

A software application like the Smart Parking is the basic need of the present era, to park the vehicle at safest and the most nearby location.

With an impulsion to help the drivers to park their vehicle safely and to make the roads traffic less, we conceptualize an idea to design an develop a software application which can make the individuals worry-free from queries like “Where can I park my vehicle?”, “Is my vehicle will be safe at this location?”, etc. and as a sweet bite like a result of our imagination, dedication, and smart work, here we are introducing our finely developed application “Smart parking”. This application will enable the vehicle driver though they have a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler vehicle, to get the details about the nearest available parking location and parking slot, which also saves their time to search a suitable and closet parking area where they can park their vehicle with assured security.

Audit the working procedure and key features of the Smart Parking mobile application

Whenever you will get stuck anywhere in-between the market or any unknown place and are looking for any safe place at your most nearby location to park your vehicle, and for this whenever you like to use this smart vehicle parking app, it will show you all the nearest available parking slots on the map. To use the app you must have to be a registered member of this application, merely after that you will get notified about the available parking place, alongside that, you can also get the entire details on your dashboard like parking duration, parking charges, parking slot, vehicle number, vehicle type, your name, and contact details, etc.

This app will make you notify about available parking slot, at any particular parking location near you.

Smart parking app will store all the required details of the registered members like parking duration and the total charges to park a vehicle, date and time, vehicle number and type, vehicle owner name and license number, etc.

Being an admin of this vehicle parking application, an individual has the all authority to show and hide the available parking location and slot to manage the entire parking records.

It makes a person free from the worry of their vehicle safety at both known and unknown place. As by using this tool, a customer will get a suitable and safe parking slot.

It’s a hassle-free vehicle parking booking system which also permits to book multiple parking slots to park more than one vehicle of your and your loved one's as well, at the same parking location.

It’s an IoT based parking tool, hence, an admin will get notified through a sensor whenever a parking slot gets free.

Smart Vehicle Parking System is a IoT Integrated Smart Way of Vehicle Parking

In addition, to making the user's experience for the vehicle parking a bit more convenient, with the vehicle parking system, we developed it with the smart edged integration of an IoT sensor. This sensor will send an instant notification to the parking area admin that the particular parking slot gets free up now, or soon it’s going to be free, so the admin can book another vehicle to be parked on that particular parking slot.